Fort Nassau: A Magnificent Restaurant And Viewpoint

Fort Nassau restaurant and viewpoint is a must-visit during your stay in Curaçao. The spectacular scene from the rooftop terrace over the St. Anna Bay is considered one of the most beautiful views of the island.  The fortress is home to an excellent restaurant of the same name.

Enjoy an exquisite dinner while the thousands of lights of Willemstad illuminate the night sky.  

During the week, Fort Nassau is open for lunch and you can check out the amazing 360 degrees view over the island. This place is definitely worth visiting and, in this blog, I will tell you exactly why. 

Fort Nassau restaurant location near Willemstad

Where is Fort Nassau? 

Fort Nassau is a tourist site located in Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, and it is unarguably a must-see when you visit Curacao. 

The fortress is an important historical site that demonstrates how several nations have influenced life in Curacao throughout history dating back well into colonial times when Curaçao was being fought by the European colonies. 

You can reach Fort Nassau by taking the second to last exit before entering the Juliana Bridge at the Schottegatweg Zuid. It is a 10-minute drive from Willemstad and can only be reached by car. 

Fort Nassau Curaçao history

The History of Fort Nassau 

Fort Nassau has a rich history dating back well into colonial times when Curaçao was a colony of The Netherlands. It was built in 1797 and was initially named Fort Republiek.  

The construction of the fortress cost 60,000 guilders, a huge amount at that time. It became an important location for the local army. 

Fort Republiek was built to protect the St. Anna Bay and Willemstad against enemies and malicious ships. Unfortunately, this was not very successful.  

In 1807, English warships, led by HMS Arethusa, attacked Willemstad and conquered the island. The fortress was now carrying the name Fort George, after the English King George the Third.   

It took Nine years for the English to return Fort Nassau to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This was in 1916. 

From that time on, the fortress was no longer actively used for defense porpoises but instead to carry the management operations of the St. Anna Bay 

Fort Nassau location exploring Curaçao

The Fort Nassau Restaurant

Nothing brings people together like good food, and that certainly counts for the restaurant of Fort Nassau. They describe their restaurant as ‘casual fine dining, and those words completely fit the relaxed yet deluxe atmosphere. 

Fort Nassau is considered one of the best upscale restaurants on the island. We choose to dine at the restaurant whenever we have something to celebrate or welcome guests. It always leaves a good impression on our friends and family. 

The restaurant simply never disappoints so consider this a safe option for lunch and dinner during your stay in Curaçao. The magnificent view is a bonus. 

Fort Nassau restaurant menu

The restaurant menu 

Fort Nassau has a variated menu. We make a reservation quite often and every time we are going to dine in there, they have fascinating options to choose from. The dinner menu includes a large selection of starters, soups, main courses, and desserts. 

My favorite dish is their homemade ravioli of pumpkin in truffle sauce with a topping of crisp Coppa Stagionatto ham.  

Whether you choose from their daily menu of culinary creations or a traditional favorite, unique details are the signature of their dishes. That’s why many islanders, including us, enreturningturn to this amazing restaurant.  

You can check out the complete menu on their website, or simply go for the element of surprise.  

Events at Fort Nassau exploring Curaçao

Events at Fort Nassau 

Hosting or attending an event at this place is a top-notch experience. We attended both wedding reception and a holy communion banquet and it was simply amazing. The staff likes to think along with your wishes and go out of their way to make the day a success. 

Your event can be hosted at the restaurant, the Rocobli room, the garden, or even on the rooftop terrace. These are the kind of events one can host at Fort Nassau: 

  • Receptions 
  • Meetings 
  • Private lunch or dinner 
  • Banquettes 
  • Parties 
  • Corporate events 

Check out their website for more information about organizing an event. 

Fort Nassau viewpoint rooftop terrace Willemstad St. Anna bay

The viewpoint 

Because Fort Nassau is located on a mountain, all sides of the island are visible from the panoramic terrace. Let yourself be amazed by one of the most beautiful views of the island.  

From this viewpoint, you can look far over the Sint Anna Bay and Willemstad. The colorful buildings of the capital resemble miniature doll houses and the ships on the horizon create a magical setting. 

If you look to the east, you see the Table Mountain and to the west, you have a beautiful view over the three brothers (the mountains between Piscadera and Julianadorp). 

When the sun gives way to the moon and thousands of stars fill the sky above Curaçao, Willemstad will light up like a brightly decorated Christmas tree.  

The view at nighttime is absolutely stunning. It is therefore not surprising that Fort Nassau is the perfect place to make a marriage proposal in Curaçao.  

Fort Nassau Restaurant Willemstad view

Is there any entrance fee? 

The best things in life are for free, and so is this tourist sight. You don’t need to pay any entrance fee to access Fort Nassau and the viewpoint near the restaurant. Meals and drinks at the restaurant are at your own expense. 

Pos di Pia Fort Nassau Curaçao

Pos di Pia  

You can also pay a visit to the historical well with staircase access. The well, which carries the name ‘Pos di Pia’ is one of the best-preserved monuments on the island. It was built back in 1797 as part of Fort Nassau to provide the military with fresh water. 

The water was sometimes also sold to ships calling at the port of Curaçao. 

You can find the well near Fort Nassau, at the foot of the mountain. The information boards in the well talk more about the history of this impressive monument. You can walk down the staircase to see the well from the inside. 

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View from Fort Nassau panorama terrace Curaçao Willemstad

Visit Fort Nassau 

Fort Nassau is one of Curacao’s hidden gems. It is a must-visit for everyone who travels the island and wants to see something spectacular.  

Its convenient location and free entrance make it a great place to visit. If you’re in the Willemstad area, I definitely wouldn’t miss this place.  

A visit to the viewpoint won’t last long unless you go for lunch or dinner. I can certainly recommend the latter. 

I hope you will have lots of fun during your stay in Curaçao. Visit our blog page for more island tips like this one. 

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