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Grote Knip Beach is the best beach in Curaçao Westpunt - Discover Curaçao - - Westpunt Willemstad.

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Curaçao is a melting pot of various activities and things to do for all kinds of explorers.

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Klein Curaçao Trip

A boat trip to the uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao is for many tourists the highlight of their holiday. What to expect?  

A stretched pearly white beach that flows seamlessly into a turquoise-blue sea. You can snorkel with tropical fish and sea turtles, visit an abandoned lighthouse and shipwreck, or simply enjoy island life like a true Robinson Crusoe.


The trip to Klein Curaçao takes about one and a half hours. On arrival, you will have plenty of time to discover the island and its underwater world. A barbecue lunch is served around noon.

After lunch you can laze on the beach for a few hours, go snorkeling or take a walk around the island. In the afternoon it is time to return to Curaçao.

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A visit to Klein Curaçao is a once in a life time paradise experience. We’ve made the boat trip 4 times and each time it feels special and unique.

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Per excursion it is shown what is included and which vessel will take you to Klein Curaçao. 

Grote Knip Beach Curaçao

West Side Beach Hopping Tour

Discover the beaches on the west side of the island on a beach hopping tour. This way you can visit the best beaches of Curaçao all in one day.


Think of the white sandy beaches of Grote Knip, Cas Abao or Playa Forti. You can also choose to swim with sea turtles at Playa Piskado or visit the beach pigs at Porto Mari.

Most beaches are situated in coves and between majestic rock formations. This makes the beaches of Curaçao unique compared to many other Caribbean beaches.

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We have made a selection of various tours that include a visit to at least 2-3 beaches. Each tour has a different program, so check which one allows you to visit the beaches on your bucket list.

You will be picked up from most major resort or the Mega Pier Cruise Terminal. Click on a tour for an overview of all pick-up locations or Book Your Beach Hopping Tour Here

Swimming With Sea Turtles

Always wanted to go swimming and snorkel with sea turtles? This is your shot! There’s a beach in Curaçao that allows you to swim alongside these magnificent creatures in shallow waters.


This is a half-day excursion where you can choose for a morning or afternoon departure. Enjoy a scenic route throughout Curaçao’s countryside before arriving at Playa Piskado (turtle beach).

Here you will have plenty of time to swim with the turtles or simply relax on the beach. The usage of snorkeling masks is included!

On the way back you will make a quick stop at the Flamingo Sanctuary where you can see and photograph these graceful birds in their natural habitat.

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We’ve selected a tour that offers morning or afternoon departure so you can decide which option fits your schedule best. It also offers pick up and drop off at various hotels and the Cruise pier.

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Tugboat Ship Wreck

Scuba Diving Intro at a Shipwreck

Always wanted to go scuba diving but you don’t want to do a full PADI course that takes days? This introduction dive may be something for you.


Spend half a day learning about scuba diving theory and safety, followed by an exciting open water dive at the renowned Tugboat shipwreck.

Maximize your leisure time in Curaçao by seizing the opportunity to explore the depths around a sunken shipwreck in the Caribbean. All necessary equipment will be provided, and a certified instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of scuba diving.

The sunken tugboat lies in a shallow bay, resting at a depth of 40 feet (12 meters). This unique diving and snorkeling site offers a vibrant underwater carnival of tropical fish and corals. It stands out as my favorite diving spot on the island!

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Curaçao Sunset Sail boat tour Willemstad

Sunset Sail

Close the day with good music, cool drinks and pinky-orange hues adorning the afternoon sky of Curaçao. Embark on a Sunset Sail and enjoy the laid-back vibe and breathtaking view of the island.


A spacious catamaran will be the vessel that will take you on a 2,5-hour sunset cruise along the Spanish Water and East Coast of Curaçao.

Enjoy a drink from the open bar as well as a selection of finger foods while you sail and watch the sun disappear behind the horizon.

You can laze on the deck or in one of the comfortable nets and watch the scenic views of the Curaçao coastline. This is a true ‘Life can’t get any better’ experience!

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Blue Room Cave

The Blue Room is truly bucket list material. You will visit an underwater cave where cerulean blue light spills into the room, revealing the incredible power of nature in a truly amazing way.


During this tour you will not only visit the Blue Room, but you will also make a stop at Playa Grandi to snorkel with sea turtles. On the way back you will also visit Cas Abao, one of Curaçao’s most beautiful beaches.

The Blue Room can only be reached by water, therefor this excursion will be executed by boat. Viewing Curaçao from the water is an unique experience where you will get a different perspective of the island.

You will board the ship in downtown Willemstad. From the meeting point you will first go to Playa Grandi, followed up by The Blue Room and Cas Abao.

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