The Best Spots to See Flamingos in Curaçao

Spotting wild flamingos in Curaçao is quite a unique experience. Due to the favorable conditions, a large flock of elegant pink birds has marked the island as their natural habitat. Where can you see flamingos in Curaçao and are these places open to the public? We will tell you all about it.  

Where can you spot flamingos in Curaçao? 

There are several places in Curaçao where the pink birds have their permanent home. You can see flamingos in the salt pans of Jan Thiel, Sint Michielsbaai, and at the Flamingo Sanctuary around the salt flats near Jan Kok. This last spot is also known as Rif Sint Marie. 

Sometimes you can see a single flamingo as they fly over from one salt pan to another. Most of them can be found in the salt pans of Jan Kok, near the countryside town of Williwood. Flamingos do not live on the beach in Curaçao. 

Flamingo Sanctuary Curaçao Willibrordus

Jan Thiel salt pans 

The salt pans of Jan Thiel are home to a small flock of flamingos. This beautiful nature reserve is a popular place for hiking since there are several trails you can walk. In addition to flamingos, you can also see many other beautiful birds and reptiles here.  

You can enter the salt pans of Jan Thiel via Parke Sorsaka/ Den Dunki national park. It is also possible to reach the salt flats on the right side of Jan Thiel Bay. 

Sint Michielsbaai 

Hidden behind the rugged kunuku landscape near Bullenbaai you can find the salt pans of Sint Michiel. The quiet location and ample food source make Sint Michielsbaai a popular place among the flamingo flock of Curaçao. 

As a nature lover, you can hike around the salt pans. You will encounter them along the way and you can see them up close. 

You can reach Sint Michielsbaai by following the Weg Naar Bullenbaai. You will then automatically arrive at the salt pans. In the dry season, it is also possible to visit the salt pans from the village of Sint Michiel. Don’t take this route after a rain shower, the path towards the salt pans will be flooded. 

Salt pans Jan Kok

The salt flats near Jan Kok 

Near the village of Williwood, you can find the salt pans of Jan Kok, also known as the Flamingo Sanctuary Sint Willibrordus. This is a popular tourist attraction as it is on the road from Willemstad towards the beaches of Banda Bou. 

The Flamingo Sanctuary allows tourists to view the flamingos from a viewpoint. At the plateau near the road, you have a breathtaking view over the salt pan and the flamingo family that lives there.  

This is the perfect place to enjoy everything nature has to offer. 

upon arrival, you have to park your car along the road since there is no parking lot next to the viewpoint. Do not leave anything of value in your car when you head towards the plateau. 

Where to see flamingos in Curaçao

The best time to see flamingos 

The best time to see flamingos is in the mornings until 11:00 AM or around sunset. The birds will be present in large numbers at those times. 

How to interact with flamingos 

In Curaçao, you have the opportunity to view the flamingos up close. This is an amazing experience, but you have to do this with respect for animals and nature.  

Make sure that the birds are not bothered by your presence. Be quiet and don’t move too wildly when you are around. Give them space and don’t scare them. This can have disastrous consequences. 

For example, there was an incident recently with a drone flying over the flamingo sanctuary. The presence of the drone brought stress to the flamingos and they flew away in panic. This event proved fatal to one of them.  

We urge you never to fly a drone near flamingos or other wild animals.  

Tour to see flamingos in Curaçao

Book a tour to spot flamingos 

Several Curaçao island tours include a stop at the Flamingo Sanctuary. This is often combined with a visit to Playa Porto Mari, Cas Abao beach, Mambo Beach or Grote Knip beach. You can also go to the Hato caves or swim with sea turtles with a stop at the Flamingo Sanctuary on the way back. We’ve selected a frequently booken tour for you:

Viator is a trustworthy TripAdvisor company. By booking a tour through Viator you will support our tourist information website at no cost to you. Viator will pay us a small commission for the referral. 

To see flamingos in their natural habitat in Curaçao is an unforgettable experience. We can recommend this activity to all animal lovers visiting the island. Enjoy your stay.  

Roxanne Verheesen

Hi there! My name is Roxanne , 30 years old and born in the Netherlands, I've visited Curaçao for the first time in 2011 and moved to the island one year later. Love to write, snorkel and watch pinky-orangish sunsets at the beach.

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