Blue Curaçao: A Full Guide to the Famous Caribbean Liqueur

Blue Curaçao is a staple in the world of mixology and has been enjoyed in cocktails and mix drinks for decades. The art of creating a perfect cocktail requires a balance of flavors, textures and visual presentation, and this ocean-colored liqueur checks all the boxes.

Blue Curaçao is a vibrant blue-colored liqueur that is often used in cocktails to add a unique twist of color and flavor. The liqueur is made from the dried peel of the Laraha citrus fruit which is grown on the island of Curaçao.

Blue Curaçao Cocktail

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Blue Curaçao and uncover its history and taste, explore popular drinks that use it as an ingredient, provide recipe ideas and recommend different brands.

What is Blue Curaçao?

Blue Curaçao is a popular liqueur that has a distinct blue color and a unique bitter-sweet orange flavor. Made from the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, which is a variation of the sweet Spanish orange, Blue Curaçao is a key ingredient in many tropical and exotic cocktails.

The Caribbean founded liqueur is made by macerating the dried peel of the laraha fruit in alcohol and then adding a blend of sweeteners and spices. 

When looking for a high-quality Blue Curaçao, consider a brand such as Senior & Co, which is the creator of the genuine Curaçao liqueur.

History of the Curaçao founded liqueur

Blue Curaçao has a long history that is rooted in the Caribbean island of Curaçao. The island was discovered by the Spanish in 1499, and it was the Dutch who later established a colony on the island. The Laraha citrus fruit, which is the main ingredient in Blue Curaçao, was first discovered by the Spanish on the island. 

The Spanish attempted to grow oranges, but the trees did not thrive in the arid climate of Curaçao. Instead, the trees produced a small, bitter fruit that was not edible. The fruit was discarded, but the peel was found to have a nice scented aroma.

The Dutch settlers on the island discovered that by drying the peel of the Laraha fruit, they could produce an oil that had a orange-like scented aroma. This oil was later used to make a liqueur.

The liqueur was first produced by the Senior family in 1896 and it was called “Blue Curaçao” because of the bright blue color that was added to the bottle to make it look different and unique from other orange liqueurs. 

Over time, the popularity of the liqueur spread beyond the island of Curaçao and it became a popular ingredient in cocktails around the world. Today, Blue Curaçao is considered a classic cocktail ingredient and it is used in a variety of drinks, from tropical cocktails to different kinds of martinis.

Genuine Curaçao liqueur Senior & Co

What kind of alcohol is Blue Curaçao?

Blue Curaçao is a liqueur that is made from the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit. The laraha is a type of orange that only grows on the island of Curaçao. This liqueur is known for its vibrant blue color, which is achieved by adding food coloring to the spirit. Most of times, the food colorant E133, is used to achieve a brilliant blue color.

What does Blue Curaçao taste like?

Blue Curaçao has a distinct orange flavor that is both sweet and bitter at the same time. It is made from the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, which gives it a unique taste that is different from other orange liqueurs. 

The liqueur has a strong aroma of orange peel with a hint of spice, making it perfect for use in cocktails and mixed drinks.

Compared to other liqueurs, Blue Curaçao has a stronger orange flavor than triple sec, another popular orange liqueur. It also has a sweeter taste than Cointreau.

However, we also need to consider that everyone’s tastebuds are different and one might think the taste of the Curaçao founded liqueur is sweet, while the other considers it a bitter drink. 

Personally, I think this drink tends more towards the bitter, which is fine since the often sweet additions to a cocktail provide a good balance.

Popular Blue Curaçao cocktails and drinks

Blue Curaçao is a versatile liqueur that can be used in a variety of drinks. It was one of my favorite drinks when i was younger, and most of times i mixed the liquor with fruit juices such as strawberry, pineapple and guava. Some popular cocktails that use this liqueur as an ingredient include:

The Blue Hawaiian: This tropical cocktail is made with Blue Curaçao, pineapple juice, and rum. It’s a sweet and refreshing drink that’s perfect for a summer day.

The Blue Margarita: This twist on the classic margarita adds Blue Curaçao to the mix for a colorful and flavorful drink. It’s made with tequila, Blue Curaçao, lime juice, and orange liqueur.

The Blue Martini: This elegant cocktail is a variation of the classic martini. It’s made with gin or vodka, Blue Curaçao, and dry vermouth.

The Blue Lagoon: This cocktail is made with Blue Curaçao, lemonade and vodka. It’s a sweet, refreshing and easy to make cocktail perfect for any occasion.

Blue Margarita Cocktail with blue curaçao and tequila.

A few tips for mixing the perfect drink

Blue Curaçao is a popular drink that can be consumed on various occasions. Do you want to get started and make a cocktail or mixed drink yourself? The following tips might be usefull:

  • Use a good quality blue curaçao for best taste.
  • Experiment with different ratios of ingredients to find the perfect balance of flavors for your taste.
  • Use fresh juices and ingredients like pieces of fruit for the best taste.
  • Rim the glass with salt or sugar to enhance the flavors of the drink.

The liqueur is a popular choice for cocktail making and is used in a variety of drinks. It is a great way to add some excitement to your cocktail game. Your guests will be impressed!

Recommended Blue Curaçao Brands:

When it comes to Blue Curaçao, there are several brands to choose from. Here are a few recommended options:

Senior & Co: This is the brand that originated Blue Curaçao in 1896. They use the original recipe and the highest quality ingredients.

Bols: This brand has been producing liqueurs since 1575 and it’s one of the most well-known and respected producers of Blue Curaçao.

DeKuyper: This brand offers a wide range of liqueurs and their Blue Curaçao is a great option for those looking for a more affordable option.

Blue Curaçao distillery landhuis Chobolobo Senior & Co.

Visit the genuine Curaçao liqueur distillery

Where there is champagne in France and Port in Portugal, there is Blue Curaçao that is produced and bottled on the island.

The Curaçao liqueur distillery at Landhuis Chobolobo is the place where the genuine Curaçao liqueur is manufactured. It is also a popular tourist attraction.

Visiting the Curaçao Liqueur Distillery is a unique and interesting experience that offers a glimpse into the production of one of the world’s most popular liqueurs. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the factory’s history and the traditional method of production used to make the genuine Curaçao liqueur.

The genuine Curaçao liqueur at Landhuis Chobolobo is produced by Senior & Co. During your tour through the distillery you will get to know more about the impressive family business that goes behind the invention of this world-famous drink.


In conclusion, Blue Curaçao is a well known liqueur and has been enjoyed in cocktails for decades. Its unique bitter-sweet orange flavor, vibrant blue color, and versatility make it a perfect ingredient in many tropical and exotic drinks. 

The history of the liqueur is rooted in the Caribbean island of Curaçao, where the Laraha citrus fruit, the main ingredient in Blue Curaçao, was first brought to the island by the Spanish. Dutch settlers discovered that the peel could be used to create the Curaçao liqueur as we know it today. 

The popularity of the liqueur has spread all over the world  and it has become a classic cocktail ingredient. It is one of my favourite drinks and i would recommend everyone traveling the island to go and visit the Curaçao Liqueur Distillery at Landhuis Chobolobo. After all, what is more bucket list material then drinking the genuine Blue Curaçao in Curaçao itself?

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