Cas Abao Beach: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for that beach that feels like paradise? A Caribbean beach where time doesn’t seem to exist? Where you can wander and discover all day, relax and breathe the salty ocean air and feel one with your surroundings? Cas Abao Beach is the place to be. This beach is truly a piece of paradise on earth.

Cas Abao entrance

Visit Cas Abao Beach

During your vacation on Curaçao, a visit to Cas Abao Beach should not be missed. Cas Abao is one of the largest beaches in Curaçao. It is a commercial beach, but when you visit it, it doesn’t feel like it.

There is plenty of space to lay down a towel, but you can also choose to rent a beach chair. There are several amenities to make your day at Cas Abao Beach more comfortable. In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about Cas Abao Beach.


Like almost all beaches in Curaçao, Cas Abao is located in a bay, between a mighty rock formation that makes you feel as if you were stranded somewhere on an uninhabited island. This beach used to be very quiet, and you could sometimes be one of the only people visiting the beach. You can find Cas Abao Beach on the South West coast of Curaçao.

Nowadays the beach is more commercial and many tourists have also found their way to Cas Abao. Yet it still feels like Robinson Crusoe on an undiscovered stretch of beach. Even if there are dozens of people around you.


Cas Abao Beach Curaçao


Cas Abao is a full-service beach. This means you can find several facilities and amenities to make your day at the beach comfortable. Cas Abao offers secured parking, showers, restrooms and the possibility to rent a locker so you can store your most valuable belongings.

In addition, the beach features a restaurant and beach bar, a massage hut on the beach and a dive shop.

Entrance fee

To enter Cas Abao Beach, you have to pay an entrance fee of $6 USD or NAFL 10, – per car. On Sundays and holidays, this amount is $7 USD or NAFL 12.50. This applies to a maximum of 4 people. Each additional person pays NAFL 2.50 extra.

Beach Chairs

There is an option to rent beach chairs. Use of the beach showers is included with the rent of a beach chair since they come with a complimentary shower coin. Beach chairs cost $3 USD of NAFL 5, – each.

There are no umbrellas available, but several palapas can be found along the beach. It is also possible to find shade under the wavy branches of the palm trees.

Beach Bar

At the Beach bar you can enjoy various snacks and small meals. They also serve a wide range of drinks such as sodas, beers, and frozen cocktails. The bar is open daily between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Free Wifi is available in the vicinity of the beach bar. You can ask the staff to provide you the password.

Cas Abao - beach - Curaçao -Facilities


Bring your snorkeling goggles, because from the moment you step into the water, tropical fish are already swimming around you. Cas Abao is a wonderful place for snorkeling. You can find a carnival of colored sea creatures in the shallow waters. Occasionally you will even come across a sea turtle.

The best snorkeling spot can be found along the rocks on the left side of the beach.

It is recommended to bring swimming shoes, but it’s not really necessary. When entering the water you may encounter small pebbles, but there are no large stones to hurt your feet on.

Diving options

Many young fishes can be found near the beach. Sometimes individually, sometimes in shoals. That’s because fish shoals like to seek refuge from open ocean predators by keeping close the shoreline. When you swim towards the open sea you can find the drop off at a depth of 9 meters.

This is where the corals start and the sandy bottom turns into a colorful aquarium.

Tropical fish make a grand appearance and lobsters and crabs can be found in the gaps between the corals. Brightly colored fish and turtles circle above the reef. It’s basically a divers dream come true.

Cas Abao is the best scuba diving site to take your non-diving family members with you.

Facts about Cas Abao Beach

Cas Abao is a reference to the 17th century plantation house Cas Abou that was located in the middle of a medium-sized plantation. This plantation used to be the size of about 400 acres.

Cas Abao used to be the décor of a Dutch television show called Bon Bini Beach. People often still refer it as Bon Bini Beach.

National Geographic has named Cas Abao one of the 21 best beaches in the world.

Forbes also named Cas Abao as one of the best Caribbean beaches.

Beach - Curaçao - Cas Abao

How to get to Cas Abao Beach

Cas Abao Beach can be found in the area of Banda Bou, at the south west coast of the island. Most people arrive to Cas Abou by car. You can get to the beach by taking the ‘Weg naar Westpunt’ (The only road that leads from Willemstad to Banda Bou).

Once you’ve passed the town of Terra Korá, you will take the first exit to the left. Keep driving straight on until you see the road sign to Cas Abao. Turn left and follow the directions.

The road that leads to the beach is unpaved, but manageable for both large and smaller cars. 

How to get to Cas Abao from the cruise port

Are you visiting our island by cruise ship and would you like to spend your day at Cas Abao? Booking a shore excursion will be the best option to get to Cas Abao or other beaches near the cruise port. Cas Abao is usually included in a beach hopping tour.

This means that you will visit several beaches during the day.

Think of Playa Grandi, Playa Lagun or Grote Knip Beach. These are all beautiful beaches with their own unique characteristics. Tours to Cas Abao can often be booked on board, but it is also an option to book an excursion once you set foot ashore. From the Cruise Port it’s about a 45 minute drive to Cas Abao.

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7 Reason why you should visit Cas Abao

Curacao has many beautiful beaches, and Cas Abao is certainly one of the best beaches on the island. Not sure which beach you would like to visit? Here are 7 reasons to visit Cas Abao:

  • There is a secured parking lot
  • Cas Abao is a large sandy beach
  • You can rent beach chairs for the complete day
  • There is a beach bar where they serve food and cold drinks
  • There are toilets and shower facilities
  • You can rent a locker to store your personal belongings
  • Cas Abao is a great place for diving and snorkeling

Bottomline: Cas Abao offers the comfort of a commercial beach, yet still has the atmosphere of a deserted piece of paradise. In the end, all you need is a good doze of vitamin sea. Cas Abao can provide you just with that.

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