Kleine Knip Beach: What to Know Before You Go

Hidden in the undergrowth near Westpunt is Kleine Knip, an intimate beach that most people ignore. That’s because they are unaware that this beautiful cove is a first-class gem, and not inferior in beauty to the many other beaches on this side of Curaçao. 

Kleine Knip Beach is a small sandy beach in the Western part of Curaçao. You may be familiar with its big brother, Grote Knip, which is right around the corner. Due to the popularity of the latter beach, Kleine Knip is often skipped, which is a real shame since this beach is one of the few natural sandy beaches on the island. 

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Kleine Knip beach is especially popular with locals who like the Grote Knip feeling, but don’t want to mingle with the big crowd. Nevertheless, tourists are also finding their way to Kleine Knip more often, which is not surprising. It is truly one of the most precious intimate beaches in Curaçao. 

Things you need to know about Kleine Knip 

People who visit Kleine Knip often bring a cool box or even a barbecue. This is simply possible, because the beach is publicly accessible. It means that the beach is owned by the island, so you don’t have to pay an entrance fee if you want to enter this beach.  

A visit to Kleine Knip is the ultimate proof that the best things in life are just for free. 

The beach has no facilities such as a beach bar, toilets or showers. Make sure to bring plenty of water with you when visiting this area. Due to the dry tropical temperatures, dehydration is lurking and there are not many options to buy food and drinks in the vicinity. 

There are some facilities at Grote Knip where you can buy food and drink, but I wouldn’t rely on them. It is still quite a walk from Kleine Knip and during the week you cannot assume that all facilities will be open. 

Where to find the beach 

Where is Kleine Knip and how exactly do you get to the beach? It is not that difficult as the road network in the western part is not that extensive. 

Kleine Knip beach is located in the western part of Curaçao, near the village Westpunt Sabana. Big brother Grote Knip is a stone’s throw away, and visits to both are often combined.  

If you take the exit from the Weg naar Westpunt you will reach a T-junction where you can choose to go to one of the two beaches. 

How to get to the Kleine Knip Beach 

The route to Kleine Knip Beach is easy. When you departure from the area around Willemstad, take the Road to Westpunt. This is a long road to the extreme western point of the island. You follow this road for at least half an hour until you arrive at the village of Barber.  

After leaving Barber, take a shortcut by turning left onto Kaminda Próspero “popo” Rojer. You will now enter an area that bears the name Jan Donker.  

Drive to the end of the road and take the exit to the right. You are now on the road to Westpunt again.  

Continue straight past Hòfi Mango, Lagun and Playa Jeremi. Then take the left turn in the direction of Kleine Knip and Grote Knip. Both beaches can be reached via this exit on the Weg naar Westpunt. 

Drive straight on until you reach a T-junction. Take the left turn for Kleine Knip. The right exit leads to Grote Knip. 

We always take this route with the shortcut via Jan Donker. It’s the fastest way to get there. You can also take the easy road and follow the Weg naar Westpunt until you get to Kleine Knip.  

This route takes about 10 minutes longer and you see a lot of the island along the way. People call the Weg naar Westpunt ‘The tourist route’, because of the many sights that are connected to this road. 

Kleine Knip Beach Curaçao

What to do around Kleine Knip Beach 

Although this beach is not near Willemstad, there is plenty to discover and experience in the vicinity. 

Beaches in the area 

In the previous paragraphs you could read about the proximity of Grote Knip, but this is not the only beach you can find near Kleine Knip. 

You will find Playa Jeremi, Playa Lagun and Playa Santa Cruz a few kilometers from this beach. In addition, the well-known Playa Grandi (Turtle Beach) and Playa Forti are also just a 15-minute drive from this beach. 

This makes Kleine Knip perfect for your beach hopping tour. 

Landhuis Kenepa 

The beach is located on the site of the former Kenepa plantation. Kleine Knip owes its name to this. At the beginning of the road you can find Landhuis Kenepa, the well-preserved mansion now serves as a museum and monument. 

The name Kenepa is derived from the fruit of the Kenepa tree. This was planted here during the time of slavery. 

It is important to know that the great slave revolt of 1795, led by Tula, arose on this plantation. This event is of great significance in the history of Curaçao. 


Westpunt is about a 15-minute drive from Kleine Knip Beach. This small village on the west coast of the island is home to a number of interesting sights and activities.

Let’s start with the Watamula blow hole, an impressive phenomenon in the rocks by the sea, where the sea water is pushed up with great force by the fierce waves.

At Playa Forti you can visit the beach, eat delicious local food in the restaurant of the same name and you have the opportunity to go cliff jumping.

Do you want to eat a real Curaçaoan meal? Then you should definitely visit Jaanchies. Here you can eat special local dishes, but the real reason people go there is the excellent hospitality of Jaanchie himself.

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Kleine Knip is a beautiful intimate sandy beach that is not inferior to its big brother Grote Knip. However, it is not as crowded as the latter, so it retains its charm.

The beach does not have many facilities, so bring enough food and drinks.

The beach is easily accessible from the Weg naar Westpunt. There are plenty of other beaches, sights and restaurants in the vicinity of Kleine Knip that you can visit.

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