10 Best Things To Do in Westpunt Curaçao

I always describe Curaçao as a versatile island. In culture, nature and activities. There is a lot to experience around the capital city Willemstad, but did you know that the village of Westpunt has many tourist attractions as well? There are a bunch of activities to explore, but it doesn’t feel crowded or overrun by tourists. 

Swimming with sea turtles, cliff jumping and visiting beaches are some of the best things you can do in Westpunt. You can also enjoy delicious local food at Jaanchies or witness a spectacular natural phenomenon at the Watamula hole. We are happy to tell you all about this precious side of Curaçao. 

Playa Piskado near the Cruise Port in Curaçao. Book a shore excursion to swim with turtles

Swim with sea turtles at Playa Piskadó 

Have you always wanted to swim with sea turtles? In Curaçao, you have the chance to do this once-in-a-lifetime activity. The turtles are swimming right next to you while they are on the hunt for food.  

The turtles are attracted to the fish leftovers that the local fishermen throw into the water after cleaning. That’s the reason why you can see them up close right in front of the beach of Playa Piskadó.  

The water is crystal clear blue and there are a lot of turtles swimming around the pier. The best time to swim with sea turtles in Curaçao is in the morning. Don’t forget to bring snorkeling gear and your water shoes. The beach of Playa Piskadó is not a sand beach but rather rocky. You will certainly need them to protect your feet.  

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Playa Kalki Westpunt

Diving at Playa Kalki/ Alice in Wonderland 

Just imagine a beautiful white sand beach bordering a clear turquoise sea. That is Playa Kalki in a nutshell. This intimate beach in Westpunt is a paradise for anyone who enjoys sunbathing, snorkeling, and diving. 

Alice in Wonderland is a well-known dive site near Playa Kalki. The reef gets its name from the remarkably shaped coral formations. Anyone familiar with the fairy tale knows that they are in for a treat. Alice in Wonderland can be reached from the beach. For more information about this dive site, you can visit the Go West diving school near the beach. 

Playa Kalki has few amenities. So always take several bottles of water with you. 

Playa Gipy Beach near Westpunt in Curaçao

Playa Gipy near Westpunt

Playa Gipy is a serene little cove in a picturesque setting. This place is not yet well known by the large tourist crowd and can rightly be called a hidden gem. 

People visit Playa Gipy mainly to enjoy the beautiful nature and the view of the sea. Due to the rough sea and the strong current, it is not recommended to go swimming here. 

The unspoiled nature around playa Gipy feels like a breath of fresh air in the Caribbean landscape. Combine Playa Gipy with a visit to the Watamula hole. If you take the exit in Westpunt, these two attractions can be found close to each other. 

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The Tomasito cave 

On the grounds of Kura Hulanda is the Tomasito cave, an Instagram-worthy mermaid pool where you can take the most beautiful pictures.  

You can reach the cave via the stairs on the hotel grounds in Westpunt. The entrance fee is 5 Nafl. per person. 

Update: The Tomasito Cave is closed at the moment.

Grote Knip beach near Westpunt Sabana

Grote Knip Beach 

It is sometimes said that Grote Knip is the beach that makes all other beaches in Curaçao redundant. In matters of taste, there can be no disputes, but it will be hard to deny that Grote Knip is amongst de most beautiful beaches on the island. 

The white sandy beach is a 10-minute drive from Westpunt. There are some facilities available to make your beach day comfortable. You can rent beach beds and buy cold drinks and snacks. 

You will probably recognize this iconic beach from the travel brochures mainly because Grote Knip is the most photographed beach in Curaçao. The view from the panoramic terrace over the bay is absolutely stunning. 

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Restaurant Playa Forti in Westpunt

Restaurant Playa Forti in Westpunt

You should taste some local dishes if you want to fully immerse yourself in the Curaçao culture. Restaurant Playa Forti is a place where you can eat delicious ‘Kriyoyo’ food.  

Some local dishes you need to try:  

  • Keshi yena: Cheese stuffed with meat and spices 
  • Karni stoba: Beef stew 
  • Kabritu stoba: Goat stew 
  • Funchi: fried or cooked corn dough 
  • Tutu: Funchi with beans and spices 

This restaurant also serves fresh fish and burgers. I can also highly recommend the chicken satay skewer. 

P.s. The magnificent view over the bay is a great extra.  

Playa Forti cliff jumping and viewpoint in Westpunt

Cliff jumping at Playa Forti 

Did you see people walking along the cliff edge during your lunch at Playa Forti restaurant? That may be right because next to the restaurant is a plateau where you can jump into the water. It is about a 40 feet drop to the ocean surface. After the jump, you can swim toward the beach.

Cliff jumping at Playa Forti is at your own risk. There have been accidents in the past. 

If you prefer to take it easy, you can watch the scene from the restaurant while enjoying a cold drink.  

Shete Boka National Park in Westpunt Curaçao

Shete Boka National Park  

Never underestimate the power of the sea. You will see that during a visit to Shete Boka National Park. Fierce waves crash against the rocks in coves known as ‘bokas’. 

In the National Park you can visit Boka Pistol, Boka Kalki, Boka Tabla and Boka Wandomi.  

At Boka Tabla you can visit a cave where you can see the waves crashing right into the rocks. A Natural bridge can be found at Boka Wandomi. The rough moonscape that connects the bays leaves a deep impression. 

Shete Boka is a beautiful place to walk or hike. Anyone who wants to see nature in its purest form should visit this National Park. 

Watamula hole Curaçao Sabana Westpunt Banda Bou

The Watamula hole   

Did Shete Boka leave a deep impression on you? Then you should definitely visit the Watamula hole. This tourist attraction is located near Westpunt, and therefore around the corner from the National Park. 

The Watemula hole is a natural blow hole that spits up water with a devastating force. This event occurs every time the waves hit the rocks. The water’s only escape is through the hole upwards.  

View the Watamula Hole from a safe distance and don’t stand close to the edge.  

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Jaanchies restaurant in Westpunt exploring Curaçao

Local Restaurant Jaanchies 

Restaurant Jaanchies in the town of Westpunt is the most iconic place on the island to eat local dishes. They are well known for their Kabritu Stoba (goat stew) and Iguana soup.  

The restaurant has an easy laidback vibe. Owner Jaanchie will come to your table to talk you through the entire menu. Personal service is a top priority at this restaurant. 

The food is great, but you have to take your time for this activity. We’ve visited Jaanchies a couple of times and it takes a while for them to serve the food. On average we have waited about an hour before our dishes were served but sometimes we’ve waited even longer.  

nevertheless, I must say the food is worth the wait. You will not be disappointed. 

Things to do in Westpunt 

The suggestions above are a summary of the best things to do in Westpunt. Are you planning to visit Curacao? Do not hesitate and go on a road trip to Westpunt. This is the place where you will fall in love with the island and its features. See it and feel it for yourself.

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