Watamula hole: What to see and where to find it

Curaçao is full of surprises and the Watamula hole is one of them. This landmark is something you may never have seen before. This is where the elements of nature show their true power and we humans can count ourselves lucky to witness such a phenomenon. 

Watamula hole is a natural blowhole in the westernmost point of Curacao. You can see raging waves crash through the hole in the rock, creating a fierce and strong blow. This spectacular event takes place whenever the waves crash against the rocks.  

Watamula hole Curaçao Sabana Westpunt Banda Bou

About the Watamula hole 

Everyone who visits Watamula is impressed by this natural phenomenon. When the waves hit the rocks, the water is blown through the hole with devastating force. The process produces spectacular images. Watamula is therefore very popular with photographers and Instagrammers.  

The water splashes like a rain shower on the rocks. You will also get wet yourself when you’re standing close by. Although some refreshment is not that bad on a tropical island like Curaçao. 

Where to find the Watamula hole 

Watamula is located in Westpunt Sabana, a village in the west of Curaçao. We often visit the natural hole when we decide to take a road trip to Banda Bou. There is plenty to see and experience around this area. Watamula is a nice quick stop along the way. 

When leaving Willemstad you take the Weg Naar Westpunt. From this point, you just drive straight ahead. Weg Naar Westpunt means road to Westpunt. Once you have arrived in the village, take the exit towards the Watamula hole. The exit is clearly signposted. 

Follow the unpaved dirt road for a few minutes. Along the way, you can find the signs pointing towards Watamula. It’s quite easy to find. 

Westpunt coast Curaçao

Safety warning 

This natural phenomenon may be impressive, but it is also dangerous. A safety warning is therefore in order.  

Do not get too close to the hole and keep children at a safe distance. There is nothing more dangerous than the power of water. Falling into the hole can have fatal consequences. 

The folklore story 

We went for lunch at Jaanchies in Westpunt and spoke to a waitress about our visit to the Watamula. She told us the folklore story about the natural blow hole. The story goes that a big giant lives under the coral rocks and when the sea spits up the water, you could hear the giant breathing from the hole. 

To be honest, the spitting water sounds a lot like a grumpy ogre was living down there.  

The Watamula hole is also known as the lungs of Curaçao. Probably because of its location at the tip of Curacaos west coast and the similar noise the hole produces. 

Westpunt Kunuku house

Things to do around Watamula 

There are many fun things to do near the Watamula hole. The village of Westpunt is known for the many highlights of Curaçao. These are a couple of activities to combine with a visit to Watamula: 

  • Swim with sea turtles at Playa Piskadó 
  • Visit the Tomasito cave 
  • See the beauty of Playa Gipy 
  • Go Cliff jumping at Playa Forti 
  • Eat local food at Jaanchies 
  • Go diving at Playa Kalki/ Alice in Wonderland 
  • Visit Shete Boka National Park 
  • Chill at Grote Knip Beach 
  • Go hiking at Seru Kabayé  
  • Lunch with a view at restaurant Playa Forti 

All these activities can be found in the village of Westpunt or just a few kilometers away from the Watamula hole. Most recreational activities are free of charge, with Shete Boka National Park as an exception.  

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At both Jaanchies and restaurant Playa Forti you can enjoy local dishes for a reasonable price. Going for lunch at these places is a must when discovering the Westpunt area. 

Where is Watamula hole located


The Watamula hole is a spectacular sight that should not be missed on your road trip to Westpunt. The blowhole is easily accessible by car, although the last 100 meters can be a bit bumpy. 

To reach the sight you need to wear decent shoes. I once visited this place on flip flops and a sharp rock came right through the sole. This is not a pleasant thought if you do not have replacement footwear with you. 

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