Where Do the Cruise Ships Dock in Curaçao?

Meet Curaçao – the southern Caribbean hidden gem boasting breathtaking beaches, colorful architectural masterpieces, and kind, friendly residents. It’s an island full of diversities and if you are reading this blog, you’re probably going to visit this place by cruise ship.  

Curaçao’s cruise port is located in the city center of Willemstad. The large cruise ships dock at the Mega Pier in Otrobanda, and the small cruise ships dock at the Mathey wharf, also located in Otrobanda. The Motet Wharf is sometimes used on busy days.  

Curaçao Cruise Port Where do cruise ships dock?

The location of the Cruise Port in Curaçao 

Cruise ships that stop at Curaçao dock at one of the two locations in the center of the capital Willemstad. As soon as you set foot ashore you are immediately in the bustling Otrobanda district. The Mega Pier is at the foot of St. Anna Bay and Mathey Warf is a little further into the inner bay. 

Curaçao Mega Pier Cruise Terminal 

The Curaçao Mega pier is the largest cruise port on the island. This consists of Mega Pier and Mega Pier 2 (also called Tula Pier). Two large vessels can dock in this cruise port every day.  

When you leave the Mega Pier you will find yourself in the city center of Willemstad and various sights, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance.  

Around the corner is the Riffort and Renaissance shopping mall. A 5-minute walk will take you to the Queen Emma bridge (floating pontoon bridge), the colorful Handelskade, and Willemstad’s cozy streets and squares.  

In short: There is plenty to see and experience within minutes of the cruise ship. 

You can also choose to book a shore excursion to one of the popular beaches and attractions in Curaçao. Many excursions depart daily from the Mega Pier Cruise Port to the Hato Caves, Turtle Beach, Cas Abao, Mambo Beach, The Flamingo Sanctuary, and more!

Where do the cruise ships doc in Curaçao port location

Mathey Wharf 

The Mathey Warf is a smaller docking port and is also located in the Otrobanda district. When docking at this location, you will have a beautiful view of the city’s famous Handelskade (colorful buildings). Passengers going ashore at the Mathey Warf are in for a treat.  

You will arrive in a neighborhood full of colorful murals. You can choose to walk through the arty streets before taking the route toward the Emma Bridge. The famous pontoon bridge is a 5-minute walk from the Mathey Wharf.  

Walk through the colorful streets of Punda where you can find cozy restaurants, colorful boutiques, and various sights.

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Where do the cruise lines dock? 

The location where a cruise ship will arrive often depends on the capacity of the vessel and the number of ship in the port.  

Cruise lines with less than 700 pax capacity usually arrive at the Mathey Wharf. Larger ships will also dock at the Mathey Wharf if the two piers at the Mega Pier are occupied.  

Bigger cruise lines arrive at the Mega Pier. This pier has the right infrastructure to welcome large numbers of passengers in Curaçao. 

Where does Carnival Cruise lines dock in Curaçao? 

Carnival Cruise Lines ships dock at the Mega Pier in Otrobanda. From this location, large numbers of passengers can easily go ashore to discover the city. 

Where does Holland America line dock in Curaçao? 

The ships of Holland America always dock at the Mega Pier Cruise Terminal in Curaçao. This is due to the ship’s size and passenger capacity. Large numbers of passengers can go ashore efficiently from this pier. 

Where does Royal Caribbean dock in Curaçao? 

Royal Caribbean docks at the Curaçao Mega Pier. The ships on this cruise line are among the largest in the world. Only the Mega Pier can handle such a capacity. Harmony of the Seas always docks at Mega Pier 2. This is the largest pier in Curaçao.

More cruise lines that arrive at the Curaçao Mega Pier: Norwegian Cruise Line, P&O Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Aida Cruises & Costa Cruises. 

Cruise lines that may arrive at the Mathey Wharf: are Aida Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Clipper Cruise Line, and Marella Cruises. 

Curaçao Dushi sign Punda

Curaçao Cruise Schedule

The 2022/2023 cruise season is in full swing and thousands of people visit our beautiful island every day. Would you like to know when and where the cruise ships dock in Curaçao? An extensive overview of all cruise ships and Curaçao docking locations for this year’s cruise season can be found here.


The cruise ships that visit Curaçao arrive in the center of the capital Willemstad. The large ships dock at the Mega Pier Cruise Terminal and the smaller ships arrive at the Mathey Wharf. Both piers are located in the Otrobanda district. Sights, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance of the Cruise Port. 

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