15 Budget-friendly Things To Do In Curaçao

Curaçao is an island full of surprises, with plenty of budget-friendly attractions and activities to enjoy. You can book an excursion, but exploring the island on your own is highly recommended.

A trip to Curaçao doesn’t have to break the bank, as the island offers many inexpensive and fun activities—you just need to know where to look.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 15 popular activities that require a minimum fee or are even free of charge. I hope you will enjoy these budget-friendly activities just as much as we did!

Grote Knip is the best beach in Curaçao and it is free of charge. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Going to the Beach in Curacao

Taking a day trip to the beach is perhaps the cheapest and most budget-friendly activity in Curacao. A lot of beaches are free of charge and sometimes you pay just a small entrance fee.

The free beaches are mainly found in Bandabou near Westpunt and Lagun. However, don’t be mistaken; beautiful beaches can also be found closer to Willemstad.

Some of our favorites in this area include Caracasbaai, Tugboat Beach, and Directors Bay, where snorkeling is absolutely fantastic!

In our latest budget-friendly blog we will share a list of beaches in Curaçao that are free of charge.

Willemstad is the capital in Curaçao with Punda connecting Otrobanda. You can find the Wilhelmina Plein with the Dushi sign.

Visit Downtown Willemstad

A day trip to Willemstad’s city center is a must when you’re on the island. Downtown, situated around St. Anna Bay, features the famous Queen Emma Bridge connecting Punda and Otrobanda The area is packed with budget-friendly things to do:

  • Check out the cozy squares of Punda
  • Go to Plasa Bieu for local affordable lunch
  • Snap foto’s on the floating bridge
  • Wander around instagram-worthy murals in Otrobanda
  • Visit colorful Pietermaai
  • Climb the stairs of the Riffort viewpoint
  • Buy fresh fruits at the floating market
  • Pose infront of the Curaçao sign
  • Pick up a few batidos along the way!

A batido is a freshly made shake with crushed ice, cold milk, and fresh fruit. Sounds delicious, right? You will find Batido trucks at Brionplein in Otrobanda and in front of the post office in Punda.

The Original Blue Curaçao liqueur at Landhuis Chobolobo by the Senior family company in Saliña.

The Curacao liqueur distillery – Blue Curacao

Visit the Curacao Liqueur Distillery at Landhuis Chobolobo and learn everything about the world-famous Blue Curacao Liqueur! You can visit the distillery for free, but you also have the option to pay a small fee for a guided tour.

Enjoy a free tasting of the genuine Curacao liqueur or sign up for one of their cocktail workshops. You can check their website for more information and pricing.

Local food in Curaçao at the Plasa Bieu restaurant in Punda Willemstad.

Have lunch at the old market – Plasa Bieu

One of the best things about traveling to a different country is discovering the local cuisine. Are you staying in Willemstad? Then a visit to Plasa Bieu, should not be missed! In this place you can get acquainted with various local dishes for a budget-friendly price.

Inside a spacious covered hall, six open kitchens await. After placing your order, you can settle at one of the numerous long tables in front of the kitchens. Share your mealtime with tourists and locals in this cafeteria-style market hall —it’s a great experience!

Insider tip: The Pumpkin pancakes at Zus di Plasa are a must-try!

You can find the best Happy Hours in Curaçao at Madero Beach Club, Zanzibar, Saint Tropez, Mundo Bizarro, Bonita Beach, Wet & Wild

Happy Hours in Curacao

Curacao is a laid-back island where time is not the most important thing in life. There is just one exception: Make sure you arrive in time at a happy hour! Various restaurants and beach clubs offer discounts (mostly 50% or 2=1) on drinks during their happy hour.

The best happy hours can be found at Madero beach club, Saint Tropez, Zanzibar, Bonita beach and Wet and Wild.

Looking to discover when and where you can enjoy a budget-friendly happy hour? You can find a complete overview on this website.

Sea turtles - Playa Grandi - Curaçao - Snorkeling

Snorkel with turtles at Playa Piskado

Snorkeling with wild sea turtles is a once in a lifetime experience. The best place to swim with wild turtles is Playa Piskado, also known as Playa Grandi. This is the only beach in Curacao where wild turtles are spotted every day.

Go to our blog: Swimming with Sea Turtles in Curaçao 

You have an amazing opportunity to view them up close. It is important to not touch or interfere with them. After all, we are guests in their natural habitat.

Swimming with turtles at Playa Piskado is free of charge, which makes this a budget-friendly activity. Local fishermen will appreciate a tip.

Aloe Vera Plantation in Curaçao, Caraloe

Visit the Curacao Aloe farm

Pay a visit to Curacao’s Aloe vera plantation and get to know everything about this powerful plant and its amazing healing qualities.

A tour guide will show you around the plantation and will show you the entire process from Plant to Bottle.

The budget-friendly price for the tour is $4,00 USD or 7,- NAFL at the moment of writing. it’s not necessary to make a reservation.

Cliff jumping at Playa Forti beachin Westpunt, Bandabou in Curaçao

Cliff jumping at Playa Forti

Thrillseekers will enjoy this completely free activity! At Playa Forti it is possible to jump from a cliff into the shallow turquoise water.

You will walk past the restaurant to a little plateau. The jump is about 40ft. After hitting the water, you can swim easily to shore at Playa Forti.

Cliff jumping is at your own risk.

Pietermaai district in Curaçao colorful buildings.

Take beautiful pictures in Pietermaai

Pietermaai is a cotton candy paradise. The colorful colonial buildings look like cupcakes and there is something new to explore in every corner. I highly recommend visiting the Nieuwstraat both during the day and at night.

During the day you can pass by and grab some lunch in one of the many bars and bistros around.

At night, Pietermaai will turn into little Havana, especially around Mundo Bizarro. The retro Caribbean buildings and the colored party lights that decorate the street melt together into a midsummer night’s dream. In this place I could get lost in time forever.

Fort Beekenburg near Tugboat Beach in Curaçao Banda Ariba was important in the history of Curaçao

Visit Fort Beekenburg

Fort Beekenburg offers you a stunning view over the Caracasbay. This 18th century fortress used to defend the Spanish Water against attacks by the English and French. Nowadays, the fortress serves as a tourist attraction where you can take the most beautiful pictures!

There are well maintained staircases and the paths are mostly cleared of any roots or trees. This is a budget-friendly activity since there is no admission fee.

Less known to the general public is the cave of Fort Beekenburg. You can reach the cave by taking the first right after passing Caracas Bay. It’s nothing special, but worth the visit if you want to snap some quick photos.

Blue Room in Curaçao near Playa Santa Cruz where you can walk the trail or take a tour by boat with Captain Goodlife.

Take an excursion to The Blue Room (underwater cave)

The blue room cave reminds me of a magical puddle where mermaids gather around to take a swim. The cerulean blue light shatters magnificently through the mystic cave. A phenomenon that clearly shows how amazing and powerful nature is.

The blue room cave can be reached via the trail that starts at Playa Santa Cruz, this is the budget-friendly option.

You can also book a boat excursion at the same beach. Swimming experience for this activity is recommended. At high tide, you may have to swim approximately 3-4 feet underwater to enter the cave. Wish i had a mermaid tail!

Explore the Hato Caves

Would you rather visit a cave above sea level? Defenitly go to the Hato Caves! You will find the Hato Caves near the international airport of Curaçao. Once you reach the airport’s panoramic terrace, the caves are just a few minutes’ drive away.

You can go on a organized tour where a tour guide will explain you everything about the geology as well as the historical events that occurred in them. Next to the caves you will find a short hiking trail where you can wander around and see local plants and wild life.

Flamingo sanctuary Curaçao near St. Willibrordus Williwood in Bandabou budget-friendly activity - free of charge

Go to the Flamingo sanctuary 

Did you know that it is in fact possible to spot wild flamingos in Curaçao? You will find the flamingo sanctuary in the region of St. Willibrordus. It doesn’t require a long visit, but it’s worth staying a bit and watch the flamingos do their thing in their natural habitat.

the flamingos are not always present. The best time to spot them is until late morning. There is also a chance that they will show up at sunset. You can park your car next to the road alongside this viewpoint. Be careful, do not leave any valuables in the car. This budget-friendly attraction is free of charge.

Williwood in St. Willibrordus Toko Williwood Burger

Visit Williwood

After visiting the Flamingo sanctuary, drive a little further to the extraordinary countryside village of St. Willibrordus, also known as Williwood. This vibrant place will show you an authentic side of Curaçao full of creativity and a kind of island nostalgia.

You can take photos at the Williwood sign that resembles the famous Hollywood letters.

The lively neighborhood bar ‘Toko Williwood’ is a must visit! Here you can eat the one and only Williburger while enjoying an ice-cold drink. You will soon start to realise that life doesn’t get any better than this.

Extra tip: Nena Sanchez’s art gallery is just around the corner!

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Christoffel mountain on the Weg naar Westpunt near Christoffelpark in Bandabou Willemstad Curaçao

Climbing the Christoffel Mountain (Christoffelberg)

One of the most popular budget-friendly activities in Curaçao is hiking up Christoffel Mountain. While the path to the top may pose a challenge, it’s manageable with good physical condition and sturdy hiking boots.

Go early before it gets too hot. Most people start the hike around 6 AM. Important note: You can’t start the hike after 10 AM per the rules and you need to bring enough water.

The view over the island and the ocean is absolutely stunning and worth the effort.

Budget-friendly things to do in Curacaçao

Thanks for exploring our blog about budget-friendly activities in Curaçao! From breathtaking beaches to vibrant downtown adventures, we’ve shared 15 fantastic ways to enjoy the island without breaking the bank.

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